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About Free Cell Search
We have created Free Cell Search.com with one simple purpose - to help people identify cell phone numbers. By having several years of experience working in the telecoms industry and doing extensive research on mobile technology, we can share our expertise with you, we can provide you with the information you will not find anywhere else on the Web and we will help you find the right solutions.
It is important to stay focused. We strongly believe in specialization while still keeping a broad enough view of things. Our main focus is to get you the info you are looking for. And we know that you want to find this info for free.
Honesty is the best policy.
The Internet today is full of scams. It is a sad fact. There are so many ads and sites that claim to provide "free" stuff but never keep their promises or, even worse, run various scams.
"Free" is the magic word that people tend to click on which explains why so many companies are using it in their Internet marketing. We use it too but below we will give you full information about what you can expect from our service.
Honest Disclaimer
We have relations with many phone directories and are working directly with their private databases (e.g. White Pages, Intelius, etc.) We know what information about cell phone numbers is available for free and what information is not. So, here is the truth.
100% Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup
By performing a reverse number lookup on our website you automatically obtain some information about that number. It is free to search for this information for any U.S. mobile number. This info will include:

the type of the phone line (e.g. cell phone)

approximate registered location of the number

service provider

You can use this information to get the idea about who this number may belong to. In some cases, these data will be enough for you to figure it out.
How to look up the name and address of the cell phone owner?
This is where many people get confused and keep looking for a website that will let them look up the name associated with a cell phone number for free. Do NOT waste your time. Such a website or service does not currently exist. In order to look up the name and address of the person whose mobile number you have, you need to use a specialized directory. Now, many of these directories are not reliable. If you use the wrong directory, you may end up paying too much (e.g. $10 or more for a lookup!), you may get automatically locked in a recurring billing scheme (e.g. various privacy protection schemes), or you may pay money but receive nothing in return!
Our Service is UNIQUE
We will not charge you $10 for a cell phone lookup, we will not lock you in a recurring billing, we will not charge you for something we do not have and we will not cheat you out of your hard earned money!
How our service works exactly
After you performed a free search for basic info about the number, you can see to whom it belongs via our simple credit system. You can buy 10 credits ($1 each) and use them for your name lookups (only successful lookups count). If our database cannot locate a match for the number, you will not lose any credits. Credits never expire and you can use them at any time in the future. There is no other service today that provides a cell phone lookup for $1.
Full Refund Guarantee
At any time you can request a full refund of your money - no questions asked. Simply e-mail us at support@freecellsearch.com. We are here to help you - not to scam you!
Use our mobile app
You can use our app for your lookups on the go. It works just like our website and the credits you buy via either the app or our website, automatically apply to both.

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