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Got an Unknown Phone Call? We know who it is!
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What's it about?
FreeCellSearch.com is operating a private phone number directory, which contains almost 98% of cell phone numbers, allowing you to successfully find accurate information about the phone # owner.
How to perform a reverse phone lookup?
Simply enter the phone number in the search prompt above, wait a few seconds while we are checking our database and view a tracer report!
We are here to help!
What Makes our Service Truly Professional?
Unlike other reverse lookup directories which are full of "hype" in their ways of doing business, we strive to deliver the results and provide a full disclosure about what you can expect from our service. We do the research. We provide avenues for our users to communicate with us and let us know where we need improvement.

Our directory focuses on collecting accurate and, as much as possible, complete information about phone numbers. Our directory is able to search effectively regardless of phone line type. Cellular, unlisted / unpublished or land line numbers are all available through our intelligent search engine. We make it easy to find out more information about any telephone number.

Free Basic Report

If the number, you are trying to track down, is not included in our main database, you will be able to find out its:

• approximate issuing location

• phone service carrier

• phone line

Note: If the number is listed in our main database, you will automatically get a free extended report.

Extended Report

A premium extended report may include the following information about a cell phone number:

• the phone owner full first and last names

• billing address

• age, average income and home value.


Q: How do I sign up for an account?

A: Simply perform a free search for any number first.

Q: How much does it cost to perform a cell phone lookup?

A: It depends on the number you are trying to look up and on the databases we will need to use in order to trace it. All preliminary searches are free.

Q: Do you charge a recurring fee?

A: No. All payments are one time only.

Q: How do I remove my personal information from your database?

A: Please, use our contact us form to send us an opt-out request.

Q: Is it legal to perform a reverse cell phone lookup?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Will you notify the person whose number I am looking up?

A: No.


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