Tracing Blocked Numbers

In this post we are going to talk about the technique used to reveal a blocked phone number. We are referring to the phone calls which may appear as “Unknown”, “Restricted” or “Blocked” on your caller ID. There are two options to unblock the # in such cases.

The first option is to check the online history of phone calls available from your mobile provider. Quite often you can find the phone number of a mysterious private caller disclosed in your call history. If not, there is a more powerful solution called TrapCall.

About TrapCall

This is not a typical call tracking software, so you won’t need to install anything on your phone and the good news is that it works for ALL types of phones and blocked numbers. You will simply sign up with the service by selecting a plan which best suits your needs, and then follow a few easy steps to activate it by dialing several numbers on your phone.

What Can TrapCall Do?

TrapCall is very powerful as it doesn’t just allow you to identify the private caller’s # (which is already great) but it can also blacklist unwanted numbers. The advanced plan includes recording your phone calls, viewing caller’s name and address, voice mail transcription etc.

There is also a TrapCall app available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

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