Cell Phone Spy Software

Yes! It is what you are thinking and it’s called Mobile Spy. How does it work? You will install the software on the target’s mobile phone in order to monitor the user’s activity on your PC. Let me briefly list a number of its features here.


  1. Call tracking. Allows you to check for incoming/outgoing phone calls;
  2. SMS Tracking. Allows you to read incoming/outgoing messages;
  3. GSM Tracking.  Shows current geo location using Google Maps;
  4. Phone Book. You can view all phone numbers listed in the phone.
  5. Email and Photo Tracking. Same as SMS tracking but for emails and images.

The good news is that the software supports all popular phones (iPhone, Android-based, Symbian-based, Blackberry).

I’m not going to tell you the typical reasons why people use it, but would rather say:

You should be the legal owner of the phone or have permission from the user of the phone in order to install Mobile Spy on it.

Have fun! :)

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